Global Implications

PR is now a global profession and is rapidly growing around the world. We now live in a world that is increasingly connected worldwide and were mutual understanding and peace are more important than ever. PR can use relevant insights to promote readers to find out facts and learn more about current issues. Public Affairs Council Global

Do do more diversity in cross-cultural communications it is important to understand culture, global issues, and maintaining ethics when dealing with PR. Differences in language laws, culture, and norms can pose major issues with global PR. Some language content can be translate into embarrassing literal translations. Examples:8 Super Embarrassing International Marketing Fails

Global PR can greatly influence they way people think about a company or firm. Many times businessmen or women act as PR  reps when working outside of the country. They potentially can have a greater impact than the PR people.

Global implications are very important to the PR world, there is a potential to influence a vast quantity of people at one time. This is why it is very impertinent that information is factual and will be used for the greater good of society.


What role does PR have in Government?

Have you heard the recent news?

Public relations plays an important role with today’s government. Government public relations assists the news media in coverage regarding government activities, Public Relation in Government, Knowing your Environment. They report on agency activities and help to increase the cohesion of the agency. However inside the government realm of PR the specialists are called “press secretaries”.  Press secretaries do keep the public informed by explaining policies and managing political campaigns. mics


Public relations is a strategy game, it supposed to build beneficial relationships between an organization and the public, Government Public Relations .  The press secretaries do more than just draft press releases and build relationships. They also have to manage and control influences over peoples perceptions. They help to initiate people behaviors through persuasion. Government public relation specialists “press secretaries” play a vital role with the general public. However there are issues that can arise.

Don’t get me wrong the process is not perfect. There are issues with all things including Government public relations. Some of the problems are a lack of transparency, public apathy, low literacy levels, poor image, and an unsupportive media.

Can the media be objective?

Is there a such thing as objective media? Personally, I do not believe so. Each personal who write a blog, a journalist, a  commentator, or a politician speak from their point of view to portray their perspective. A well rounded journalist or commentator should bsocialmediaview21e informed about what issues they may be covering. There would be no way for a human to be informed about a subject but not have a personal opinion regarding it. Opinion Journalism vs. Objective News Reporting

Social media and blogging have brought a ton of issues around the objectivity of media. Blogging allows anyone that has an opinion to openly “speak” about the topic. It is important for journalist to focus on factual information verses opinion. However, the more a journalist focuses on their opinion they make the public feels as if their own opinions are valuable. This does nothing for the greater good of anyone. Do you feel that media jumps to conclusions? Should News be Objective

Media is going to continue to look at jumping conclusions, it makes for catching story lines and creates controversy.  Ultimately this brings more readers to their site. Would it be nice if media brought more meaningful and thoughtful stories and try to create a more thoughtful world?




Free Speech and Social Media

The First Amendment states that we have the right of freedom of speech, press and the right to a peaceful assembly. First Amendment RightsFirstAmendment


Everyone has heard someone say that they can say whatever they want to as it is their freedom of speech.What is speech really? The dictionary defines speech as any written, spoken, or visual interpretations. Speech also includes any symbolic symbol that has a meaning attached to it. The first amendment prevents the government from interfering with your speech as long as there are no fighting words or words of hate, illegal activity, obscenity, defamation, profanity, or anything that is copyrighted, trademarked, or patented.

With the advancements in social media Freedom of Speech lines are becoming blurred. People tend to say what they think and totally disregard what the amendment really states. When using social media one should not encroach on another  persons rights. Social media is also affecting the way employees can communicate on line. Private conversations regarding work or other employees are now becoming public. Employees instantly become attached to their employer and now become representatives of the company. Any negative comments can be reported to the employer. Employees have also been fired for what they have posted on social media.When you can and can’t fire employees for social media misbehavior There are no clear rules for what can or can not be said regarding ones employment on social media.

What is your opinion on The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech?

Persuasion, is it a superpower?


Every superhero has a superpower,persuasive-super-powers-300x199and they use it to help themselves and others get out of jams. Normal everyday people could have a superpower if they could remember to use it, its the power of persuasion. Top 100 Coolest Super Powers

Persuasion: involves getting another person to believe something through your reasoning or advice. It might just be the most essential element in influencing public opinion. We must remember that persuasion is not manipulation but the art of getting people to believe or do something that will directly benefit you. We must be able to identify those who will give time to be persuaded. Timing and context are going to be the basic building blocks of persuasion. Context creates a standard of what is acceptable. Time will dictate what we want from others and what we want out of life.

Of course persistence will pay off, those who continually keep asking what they want will get it. Remember the bratty toddler in the grocery line asking for candy..yeah, they eventually got it after screaming yelling, kicking, and crying. When persuading someone you must continue to interject your feelings and beliefs. Compliments will go a long way when trying to persuade, who doesn’t love a good compliment! We as humans like to develop trust in those who provide us with “good” feelings.

Most importantly when trying to use your superpower of persuasion, make sure to be honest. One must be truthful and non-judgmental, you will be surprised by the responses you get by being truthful.

When using your superpower, it is extremely important that you are compelling, confident, and have a unbridled sense of certainty. If you believe in what you are saying and doing, you will have a better chance at persuading others into getting what you set out to gain.Do we have superpowers of persuasion?

Do you believe you have the superpower of persuasion?



PR, who’s cut out for it?

PR- stands for public relations. No, not that type of relations. Its a form of communication used to inform or to influence public opinion. What is Public Relations (PR) this link will provide additional information regarding PR. PR should provide simple and straightforward concepts to the public.  Many PR professionals are hired in order to manage an image of an individual or company. Dealing with the public the PR professional already know that the general public will be form an opinion about their client. It is their job to make sure that the opinion is a positive opinion. PR professionals are trying to reach the public through campaigns, social media, new papers, radio or magazines.

Big name companies will use PR professionals to build a better reputation. The professionals are usually confident, polished, and always say the right things. They become experts at delivering bad news. Being at easy during public speaking is a must, they become the face of the company. What it take to be a PR person is a link that provides specific information as to what one must possess pertaining to skill set. A PR professional needs to maintain their patience while publicly speaking. One bad PR move and the company can feel drastic effects. Nothing gets more media than someone losing their edge in front of a camera or audio recorder.

In order to be successful within the PR field, the professionals need to have thick skin. Usually their every move is documented in some form of media. They will be hearing the opinions of the public in regards to the speech, their outfit, did they mispronounce a word or name, or if the wrong information was given. Do you have what it takes to begin working in the PR field?