What role does PR have in Government?

Have you heard the recent news?

Public relations plays an important role with today’s government. Government public relations assists the news media in coverage regarding government activities, Public Relation in Government, Knowing your Environment. They report on agency activities and help to increase the cohesion of the agency. However inside the government realm of PR the specialists are called “press secretaries”.  Press secretaries do keep the public informed by explaining policies and managing political campaigns. mics


Public relations is a strategy game, it supposed to build beneficial relationships between an organization and the public, Government Public Relations .  The press secretaries do more than just draft press releases and build relationships. They also have to manage and control influences over peoples perceptions. They help to initiate people behaviors through persuasion. Government public relation specialists “press secretaries” play a vital role with the general public. However there are issues that can arise.

Don’t get me wrong the process is not perfect. There are issues with all things including Government public relations. Some of the problems are a lack of transparency, public apathy, low literacy levels, poor image, and an unsupportive media.


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