Can the media be objective?

Is there a such thing as objective media? Personally, I do not believe so. Each personal who write a blog, a journalist, a  commentator, or a politician speak from their point of view to portray their perspective. A well rounded journalist or commentator should bsocialmediaview21e informed about what issues they may be covering. There would be no way for a human to be informed about a subject but not have a personal opinion regarding it. Opinion Journalism vs. Objective News Reporting

Social media and blogging have brought a ton of issues around the objectivity of media. Blogging allows anyone that has an opinion to openly “speak” about the topic. It is important for journalist to focus on factual information verses opinion. However, the more a journalist focuses on their opinion they make the public feels as if their own opinions are valuable. This does nothing for the greater good of anyone. Do you feel that media jumps to conclusions? Should News be Objective

Media is going to continue to look at jumping conclusions, it makes for catching story lines and creates controversy.  Ultimately this brings more readers to their site. Would it be nice if media brought more meaningful and thoughtful stories and try to create a more thoughtful world?





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