Free Speech and Social Media

The First Amendment states that we have the right of freedom of speech, press and the right to a peaceful assembly. First Amendment RightsFirstAmendment


Everyone has heard someone say that they can say whatever they want to as it is their freedom of speech.What is speech really? The dictionary defines speech as any written, spoken, or visual interpretations. Speech also includes any symbolic symbol that has a meaning attached to it. The first amendment prevents the government from interfering with your speech as long as there are no fighting words or words of hate, illegal activity, obscenity, defamation, profanity, or anything that is copyrighted, trademarked, or patented.

With the advancements in social media Freedom of Speech lines are becoming blurred. People tend to say what they think and totally disregard what the amendment really states. When using social media one should not encroach on another  persons rights. Social media is also affecting the way employees can communicate on line. Private conversations regarding work or other employees are now becoming public. Employees instantly become attached to their employer and now become representatives of the company. Any negative comments can be reported to the employer. Employees have also been fired for what they have posted on social media.When you can and can’t fire employees for social media misbehavior There are no clear rules for what can or can not be said regarding ones employment on social media.

What is your opinion on The First Amendment and Freedom of Speech?


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