Persuasion, is it a superpower?


Every superhero has a superpower,persuasive-super-powers-300x199and they use it to help themselves and others get out of jams. Normal everyday people could have a superpower if they could remember to use it, its the power of persuasion. Top 100 Coolest Super Powers

Persuasion: involves getting another person to believe something through your reasoning or advice. It might just be the most essential element in influencing public opinion. We must remember that persuasion is not manipulation but the art of getting people to believe or do something that will directly benefit you. We must be able to identify those who will give time to be persuaded. Timing and context are going to be the basic building blocks of persuasion. Context creates a standard of what is acceptable. Time will dictate what we want from others and what we want out of life.

Of course persistence will pay off, those who continually keep asking what they want will get it. Remember the bratty toddler in the grocery line asking for candy..yeah, they eventually got it after screaming yelling, kicking, and crying. When persuading someone you must continue to interject your feelings and beliefs. Compliments will go a long way when trying to persuade, who doesn’t love a good compliment! We as humans like to develop trust in those who provide us with “good” feelings.

Most importantly when trying to use your superpower of persuasion, make sure to be honest. One must be truthful and non-judgmental, you will be surprised by the responses you get by being truthful.

When using your superpower, it is extremely important that you are compelling, confident, and have a unbridled sense of certainty. If you believe in what you are saying and doing, you will have a better chance at persuading others into getting what you set out to gain.Do we have superpowers of persuasion?

Do you believe you have the superpower of persuasion?




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